Company Profile

Serving the California community for over 23 years, we are a successful messenger and attorney service that is prepared to quickly and effectively respond to your firm’s most challenging, time sensitive assignments.

With fully staffed Court Service, Service of Process and Imaging departments, complemented by our extensive fleet of messengers, we are able to execute your widest range of assignments.  We have “big business capacity” and yet have retained a small business feel.  We take pride in the personal attention our staff gives to each assignment. 

ACE’s dedication to fulfilling our customers’ needs knows no bounds. From our hands-on CEO to our highly knowledgeable and friendly staff and court specialists, we believe that the customer’s experience should always come first.  We work in every way possible to empower our customers by providing excellent service.

We have combined the key ingredients of expertise, customer-satisfaction and advanced technology to deliver peace of mind to the legal professional.

From first filing to final judgment, and every step in between, including appeals (See Appellate Brief Service), you can count on ACE to deliver fast and professional service.