Court Services

ACE Court Services Department is staffed with team members who are well versed on court procedures and fees, and our team is very willing to assist with navigating the filing process. ACE employs In-house Managers, who are strategically positioned in major California courts where ACE offices are located, to coordinate assignments and review documents prior to filing.   We offer Same Day and Next Day Filings.

Rush Filings/ASAP Filings

ACE is the trusted attorney service for rush and last-minute fillings. We make every reasonable effort to meet filing deadlines, then follow our attempt with a status update.

PDF Filings

ACE offers PDF filings nationwide to those courts accepting PDF filings. Prior to filing, ACE reviews all documents, prepares each for filing, attaches the blue back and advances fees, when necessary.


ACE is a pioneer in the emerging world of eFiling, which has grown throughout courts across the country. For an eFiling onsite presentation, call ACE today at 213-623-3979 to inquire.

Court Research/Document Retrieval

ACE has direct online access to dockets and indexing of cases in numerous courts nationwide. Case file copies are retrieved from civil and criminal index searches, county recorder offices, Secretary of State, Department of Corporations, law libraries, and state and federal archives.

Appellate Brief Service

ACE reviews, files and serves all types of appellate documents for filing with the California State Court of Appeals, Federal Courts of Appeals and U.S. Supreme Court. eFiling is available to mandatory eFiling Appellate Courts. > Learn More

Secretary of State Filings

Counter delivery, document review, monitor processing, email confirmation. > Learn More