Records Retrieval & Subpoena Preparation

Your firm’s staff no longer has to be involved in the tedious tasks required to prepare subpoenas. Instead, have our team of experts accurately and quickly prepare your state, federal and worker’s compensation subpoenas for the medical and business records that are required in the litigation process.

We will act as Deposition Officer for you.

We will perform the following services for you:

Prepare all the required supporting documentation, including Deposition Subpoena for the Production of Business Records, Notice to Consumer, Certificate of Compliance (if applicable) and Affidavit of the Custodian of Records.
Serve the subpoenas and supporting documentation to all parties in the action, either by mail or in person.
Calendar the Records Dates.
Using scanners and copiers, complete the records copying, both onsite and offsite, for all medical and business records.
X-ray duplication
Sequential document numbering
Tabbing and indexing
Deliver, email, or FTP the copied records.


Records Retrieval Online
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