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Court Services

Our Court Service Department is ready to meet all your court filing needs in all courts.  Our Court Service staff maintains a high level of expertise and is able to answer all your questions regarding court procedures and fees.  We have strategically placed in-house managers within all the major courts in the cities in which our offices are located to coordinate assignments and review your documents before filing.  We offer Same Day and Next Day Filings.



ACE is a certified electronic filing service provider (EFSP) which enables us to eFile directly with all county courts in California.

File documents directly with the court using our secure online ACE portal. Simply click on the link below to create an account and immediately start eFiling in many state courts throughout California.



ACE Concierge Service

Delivers peace of mind

Ace Concierge eFiling department reviews, prepares and efiles documents on your behalf until 11:59pm. The review process includes the following:

  • Identifies the document type and confirms the specific county court procedure for filing
  • Ensures documents are assigned a proper filename
  • Checks if more than one document has been included in the pdf
  • Confirms court cutoff times
  • Reviews form, font size, pagination and exhibits
  • Verifies if pdf is word-searchable
  • Checks for proper application of bookmarks
  • Confirms pdf file size limitations
  • Advance fees when necessary


Service includes:

  • Review of the judge’s standing rule on the court website
  • Print the documents (copy fees apply) and attach the eFiling submission confirmation
  • Insert document into an envelope and deliver to the court

Fax & PDF Filings

A vast network enables ACE to expedite filings with courts accepting PDF Filings at a fraction of the cost.

Records Retrieval

ACE has direct online access to dockets and indexing of cases in numerous courts nationwide. We conduct civil and criminal index searches in all county recorder offices, Secretary of State, Department of Corporations, law libraries, state and federal archives. Upon request, ACE will copy case files.

We perform the following services

  • Prepare all the required supporting documentation, including Deposition Subpoena for the Production of Business Records, Notice to Consumer, Certificate of Compliance (if applicable) and Affidavit of the Custodian of Records
  • Serve the subpoenas and supporting documentation to all parties in the action, either by mail or in person
  • Calendar the Records Dates
  • Using scanners and copiers, complete the records copying, both onsite and offsite, for all medical and business records
  • X-ray duplication
  • Sequential document numbering
  • Tabbing and indexing
  • Deliver, email, or FTP the copied records


Appellate Brief Service

Eliminate time consuming attention to formatting details and avoid potential rejections of appellate court documents by court clerks. ACE Appellate Brief staff has more than 15 years of appellate brief experience. ACE reviews documents for compliance with the many technical requirements specific to each court (margin, font type and size, line spacing, proper footnoting and quoting, page limitations, etc.).

Service of process

Fully staffed with registered and bonded professionals, ACE Service of Process department is able to handle all process serving assignments, no matter how complex or difficult. Our full-time staff uses state of the art computer systems specially designed for process serving, and state of the art communication technology to deliver immediate status reports.

ACE provides service throughout California. Additionally, through ACE’s membership with the California and National Associations of Photocopiers and Process Servers, we have affiliates who handle assignments worldwide.


ACE utilizes the latest tracking technology and sophisticated databases to obtain public information on any person or entity in the United States. We deliver the most complete and reliable information accessible.

ACE performs the following searches:

  • Consumer Credit Information
  • DMV Searches
  • Property Searches
  • Corporate and Business Profile Searches
  • Asset Searches
  • Telephone Searches

We Perform the Following Services

  • Consumer Credit Information
  • DMV Searches
  • Property Searches
  • Corporate and Business Profile Searches
  • Asset Searches
  • Telephone Searches