Appellate Brief Services

With the Legal Profession in Mind
Striving to offer you the most comprehensive attorney service possible, ACE brings to you a new service not offered by any other attorney service company: Appellate Legal Brief Service. Ace is now positioned to handle all your filings with the State Court of Appeals, Federal Courts of Appeals, and US Supreme Court. This expanded service includes your Appellants’ and Respondent’s Briefs; Petition for Writs of Mandate, Prohibition, Certiorari, Review; Exhibits to Petitions; Appendices; Excerpts of Record; Motions and much more.

Let our Expertise Save You Time and Money
Our Court Services staff’s 13 years of appellate briefing experience ensures that your documents comply with the many technical requirements specific to each court (margin, font type and size, line spacing, proper footnoting and quoting, page limitations, etc.). Eliminate time consuming attention to formatting details, and avoid potential rejections of your appellate court documents by court clerks.

Comprehensive Service
ACE’s new Court of Appeals Brief Service only highlights our ability to provide reliable messenger and in-house reprographic services, as well as our commitment of professionalism and expertise to you and your law firm.

Entrust your state and federal appellate court documents with ACE. They may be received as “Ready to Print and File” or as “Setting. Print and File.” Upon receiving your documents, we will:

  • Perform a thorough check of appellate documents
    (Check form, content tables, text, attachments, margins, font type & size, line spacing, footnotes, page limitations etc…)
  • Send proof work to client for review and approval of editing
  • Prepare the appellate legal documents for servicing and filing
  • Serve, File, and Confirm your copy.

For samples or more information please contact us at or call Fernando Mercado at (213) 623-3979.